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'37 Willy's Nostalgia Drag Car

'37 Willy's Nostalgia Drag Car

Here is a 1937 Willy's, which was made into a gasser style drag car in the sixties. It has a '41 fiberglass front clip and fenders.  The customer wanted us to install a steel front clip and steel rear fenders.  He also needed some rear frame repair and a new rear suspension.  This is the second Willys that we have done for this customer (see in our Past Projects folder the '41 Willys). This is one of many times that we have built more than one car for a customer.

37willys The doors did not align very well due to firewall being cut out so adjustments were necessary.

37 willys The gauges are vintage Stewart Warners that are in perfect condition

37 Willys

Body off to make the frame repairs.

37 willeys

After trying to adjust the shim for door alignment we discovered a bent frame. So the body had to come off for frame repairs.


37 Willys Years of racing and sixties craftmanship, not a pretty picture.

37 Willys We wonder if someone spun it around and hit a wall.  Guess we'll never know.

'37 Willey's Putting the body back on.  24 body mounts, Americar must have been afraid that body was going to fall off or something! 


This is the car that donated its front clip. It's a '42 willys. We put the fiberglass front on it from the '37.  It runs and drives and is a real solid car.  Any one interested in buying it can contact us. The owner lives in Iowa.


'37 Willey's front clip Here is the steel front clip that came off the '42.  Its amazing that parts like this are still available.

willys The rust damage

willys More rust damage.

willys Look'in better after repair.


And better yet.


'37 Willys Rear fender has been radius'd and the edges are ready to be rolled.

willys The edge is rolled on one fender. It still needs a bit of work.....

willys Someone did a poor quality patch back in the day.

37 Willeys

Here the new metal is in place as well as the rocker panels from the '42.



The customer installed the straight axle and Wilwood disc brakes.

The steering geometry was wrong so we needed to make some adjustments. You can see the new front body mounts for the '41 front sheet metal at the front of the frame rail.

willys The hood is hung. The early '37 body doesn't have the recess for the hood hinge so we made one.

'37 Willys New and improved wheel well and primed to match.

'37 Willys Filler panel to match the floor with the new rockers.

'37 Willys We installed a new back panel to separate the trunk area from the passenger compartment.

'37 Willys Updated the rear suspension for better launches at the strip.

'37 Willys We used long ladder bars and made our own front brackets.

'37 Willys It doesn't get much cooler than a 41 Willey's gasser!!!

'37 Willys Ready for old school racing!!!


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