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'37 Chevy Coupe

From Tin Man Fabrication, Inc.
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'37 Chevy Coupe

This 37 Chevy came to us as a stripped parts car. The roof was heavily damaged from a tree falling on it but considering what we planned to do, it was a perfect start. This is to be a fenderless 3 window coupe when finished.

'37 Chevy Coupe To start we needed to align the body so the doors fit and brace the car so it cannot move during construction.

'37 Chevy Coupe The front half of the roof is were the majority of the damage was so we planned a cut and removed the part we were to save.

'37 Chevy Coupe Now the damaged part of the roof was removed at the A pillar.

'37 Chevy Coupe With the donar roof in place we decided on a angle chop of 3 inches in the front and 1 1/2 inches in the rear.

'37 Chevy Coupe Its going to be BAD ASS.

'37 Chevy Coupe The rear tail pan and floors needed to be completely replaced.

'37 Chevy Coupe The chop is complet and the quarter windows are filled. Just need to finish the doors.

'37 Chevy Coupe The lower cowl patches and the new recessed fire wall are in place.

'37 Chevy Coupe The new EMS tail pan is installed.

'37 Chevy Coupe This thing is starting to look good!

'37 Chevy Coupe With the body blasted it was time to do some custom work to the rear of the car.

'37 Chevy Coupe Since we are going to reshape the rear wheel well opening we cut out the oringinal wheel well and rear floor section.

'37 Chevy Coupe The body line stops just past center on the stock body panel and we want it to extend all the way back.

'37 Chevy Coupe The bottom edge is radiused and rolled under.

'37 Chevy Coupe Now the body line has been extended back and finished.

'37 Chevy Coupe You can see the progress on the right side.

37 Chevy The new floors and wheel tubs are finished.

'37 Chevy Coupe The owner was pumped to see the progress.

'37 Chevy Coupe It does not look like a 37 Chevy from the back.


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